Joint Health
  • Supports symptoms of mild to moderate osteoarthritis*
  • Supports joint function*
  • Supports joint stiffness*
  • Supports joint comfort*

Levagen® demonstrated dose-dependent improvement (300mg & 600mg) in WOMAC scores* (discomfort, stiffness and function) compared to the placebo in the management of mild to moderate osteoarthritis (Steels et al. 2019).

Levagen® offers morning and evening joint ache reduction when compared to placebo over a 14 day period, suggesting that PEA may be a beneficial and effective treatment for joint pain.* (Briskey, et al. 2021)

Levagen®+ was shown to reduce anxiety* and improve QOL* (Rao et al. 2021), providing PEA's relevance and application in sleep.

PEA is part of the extended endocannabinoid family, thus may promote restful sleep through indirect activation of the calm-inducing CB1 receptors (Costa et al. 2008). It can also increase restful REM sleep by activating TRPV1 channels* (Petrosino et al. 2015).

To learn more about the use of PEA as an alternative to CBD see NotCBD
Sports Performance & Recovery
Human clinical study by (Mallard et al. 2020) demonstrates the benefits of Levagen®+ for:

· Significantly reduces levels of myoglobin* (a marker for muscle damage) and stimulates the Akt/PkB pathway* (downstream region of the mTOR pathway involved in muscle protein synthesis).

Performance · Significantly reduces lactate levels, allowing to exercise at higher intensities and/or for a longer duration*.

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Immune Health
PEA has been shown to optimize the immune system* and provide symptomatic relief of flu symptoms* (Hesselink et al. 2013). This is due to unique actions on numerous pathways, such as activation of PPAR-a and inhibiting mast cell degranulation (Petrosino 2015).

To learn more about PEA's immune-boosting mechanisms, please fill out the contact form below to request access to our PEA and Immunity White Paper.
Discomfort and Inflammation
Levagen®+ was proven to reduce diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain* and inflammation* over an 8 week period. (Pickering, et al. 2022)

PEA offers a variety of benefits and has been studied as an alternative to traditional NSAIDS for pain*. Levagen®+ resolved significant headaches*and headache symptoms* faster than a traditional NSAID, without accentuating side effects. (Briskey, et al. 2022)

Cognitive Health
In a brand new study, Levagen®+ efficacy was studied at 700mg or a matching placebo for 6 weeks in a double armed, cross-over trail.

Levagen®+ supported significant improvement in serum BDNF levels when compared to placebo and helped to improve memory through better first success and fewer errors. (Kim et al. 2024)

Skin Health
Levagen®+ was shown to significantly reduce skin dryness and redness, and reduced a total POEM score in a topical formulation applied twice daily for 4 weeks. (Rao, et al. 2024)

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