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Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) is an endogenous fatty acid amide produced naturally in the body in response to injury and stress.
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Levagen® is also available in a cold water dispersible format, under Levagen®+

Levagen®+ is powered by LipiSperse® technology, developed by award-winning Pharmako Biotechnologies, to increase functionality and bioavailability of PEA for food and beverage applications.
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Joint Health
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"I also suffered with poor sleep and was diagnosed with a form of insomnia a year ago. Using the Levagen®+ pre-bed has improved that significantly and I dream most nights now, whereas before I never did"

-  Gloucester Rugby Player
"Levagen®+ helped with my sleep patterns and the quality of my sleep"

- Gloucester Rugby Player
“Achilles pain in the morning on first few steps improved dramatically from a 6/10 to a 2/10 when he took Levagen®+ daily. A noticeable reduced amount of tendon pain for a mature rugby player”

- James Hudson - Performance Nutritionist of Gloucester Rugby
"Less reliance on NSAIDS to reduce pain and inflammation, which is a huge positive for my performance and general well-being”

- Gloucester Rugby Player
"Levagen®+ topical cream worked wonders for my daughters eczema!"

- Simon
"She was obstinate and refused to take any pain killer, instead she was trying to treat it with yoga and breathing. Needless to say that she was in a foul mood all because of the pain. Two weeks ago I forced her to take Levagen®+ and miraculously her smile has come back!!"

- Anonymous
"Huge thank you for Caruso's 'Pain-Algesic™ for Joints' - without this product I wouldn't be able to walk without pain.  Thank you soooo much!"

- Lee Grant
"Levagen®+ assisted me a lot with my PTSD symptoms and I sleep much better! The anxiety attacks did not disappear, because they can't be made to disappear, but with time Levagen®+ the duration of an attack fell from 40 minutes to a few minutes, so I feel that I've nailed it. I now longer experience the fear of an attack."

- Sagi Menuhin
"I regularly use Levagen®+ before heavy workouts or game days as it keeps me feeling fresh and energised during intense periods, particularly when I don’t have adequate recovery time"

- Ruchitha
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